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Left: On 25 May George Floyd was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis USA. His image now appears in a mural on the Palestinian side of Israel’s apartheid wall. Right: On 30 May Iyad Hallak, a young man with an autistic condition, was shot by police in Jerusalem while holding a mobile phone. Israelis and Palestinians protest at his death.

Welcome to the website of Liverpool Friends of Palestine.

On other pages you will find out more about the issues. You’ll also find some recommendations of books, films and so on and some links to other organisations. There’s a ‘basic history’ in the ‘Palestine’ section and there’s even a quiz to test your knowledge! Elsewhere on the net, we have a Facebook page and you can just follow this link. You can also follow us on Twitter at @Livfop.

The worldwide pandemic of the coronavirus has not in any way halted the oppression of the Palestinians. It does however place severe restrictions on our solidarity actions in this country. While the crisis lasts we will not be organising any public events or fundraisers. The urgency of the situation nonetheless remains the same. Events are now organised primarily on the internet and this is a list of some of them:


Thursday 4th, 3pm – United Nations forum on The Question of Palestine: Threats of Annexation and the Prospects for Peace, speakers include Hanan ashrawi.  Watch it live here: http://webtv.un.org   

Saturday 6th, 4pm – seminar The Jewish National Fund as a pillar of Israeli apartheid – register in advance via https://bit.ly/JNFWebinar

Monday 8th, 6pm – Chatter with Chomsky on Palestine and the New World Order: register in advance via https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_lO74dHoeSVmhsh0_SvlFow

Thursday 11th, 6pm – Not In Our Name, screening of a film about the occupation of the Raytheon arms factory in Derry. The broadcast or webinar will include activists involved in trying to close the Elbit arms factory om Oldham. Watch via https://www.facebook.com/events/2407534489538416/

Saturday 13th, 3pm – Gaza under Covid 19 and siege, webinar sponsred by Eye Witness Palestine. Register in advance with https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/1115901727023/WN_2XwV8iy3TQiCvhnwi72oKw?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=34b1590b-8dfc-4d62-bef7-d06d8b431249

Tuesday 30th, 3pm – A Fresh look at the Palestine mandate and Britain’s responsibilities, presented by the Balfour project. Register with https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_DOicRJPLSEqURtgHFx5Qcw


The impact of the COVID-19 virus is that much greater when medical services are thin on the ground or when your community is under siege and/or occupation. The authorities on the West Bank and in Gaza are making a much better job than Britain in containing the virus and keeping down the numbers affected. But materials are still in crucially short supply. We would encourage you to spare a donation to one of these two charitable agencies:

  • Medical Aid for Palestinians have special programmes in Gaza, the West Bank and in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. Their appeal is on the front page of their website which is here: www.map.org.uk.
  • The Middle East Childrens Alliance supports projects for Palestinian children and rerugees from Syria. Their special appeal for medical supplies for Gaza is on the front page of their website which is here: www.mecaforpeace.org

There is every sign that the Israeli government and its extremist settler fringe are taking advantage of the worldwide preoccupation with the coronavirus and stepping up their seizure of lands and attacks on Palesinian farmers. The aerial spraying of chemicals on agricultural land is one example. The customary army incursions into peoples homes risk spreading infection. A complaint has also been made to the UN Security Council that Israelis have thrown medical waste into Palestinian villages.


At the end of April the Palestine Solidarity Campaign scored a decisive victory in Britain’s Supreme Court. The British British Government had introduced ‘guidance’ in 2016 to stop local authorities dsiinvesting from companies involved in Israel’s repression of the Palestinians. PSC took them to court and has come out with a ruling that those regulations are illegal. You can read the full judgment HERE.


After three elections in a year, Israel’s Parliament was still deadlocked. Sitting Prime Minister Netanyahu and his Likud party remained the largest grouping but their coalition with racist settler parties was just short of a majority. The way was open for the only-slightly-less-racist Blue and White coalition to take power… BUT this could only happen with the support of the Arab Joint List (which gets the votes of Palestinian and other progressive Israelis). The Joint List were getting ready to hold the balance of power… but the plan was too much for some members of the opposition faction, who said they would not join a government that relied on Palestinian support. Cue collapse of Blue/White’s ambition and the formation of a Netanyahu ‘unity government’ with Gantz and the almost-defunct Israeli Labour Party. Business as usual will resume for Palestinians with moves to annex the Jordan Valley (a vital part of the West Bank) the next step in line with the Trump plan.


Back in January 2018 the world watched as an Israeli military court sentenced the 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi to eight months custody. She had slapped an Israeli soldier who was invading her home village of Nabi Saleh. Her sentence hearing was enlivened by an Israeli peace activist Yifat Doron who slapped the military prosecutor in the courtroom. Yifat was prosecuted for this action: unlike Ahed, she was not held in prison awaiting trial and it was only in May 2020 that she received a prison sentence of… eight months. Yifat said this in court: “I will never regret the fact that I stood alongside my friends and acted according to my moral compass. It is a badge of honor to join a list of women whom I respect and admire who have been convicted of violent crimes in the Zionist court.”


President Trump’s much-trailed plan for Palestine was finally released to a sceptical world on 28 January and it makes depressing reading  It endorses the position of the Israeli government on every issue and makes only half-hearted promises of a Palestinian state (which are subject to conditions that no one thinks can be fulfilled). You can find the whole plan HERE and our leaflet about it HERE. The plan has been roundly rejected by the United Nations Secretary General, the EU foreign policy spokesman and most other bodies. The British Government initially gave it a cautious welcome but has not endorsed it.


A documentary has recently been put up onling showing a wide range of views from occupied Palestine, with the aim to discover the long-term effects of the British Empire’s colonialist enterprises.  “we question the actions of Israel on occupied Palestinian land and its discriminatory policies towards Palestinians in general.”  Running time is 71 minutes, you can watch it all HERE


The banking giant HSBC has come under a lot of pressure for the loans it makes that prop up the Israeli arms trade and finance the oppression of the Palestinians. So it was good to see that the bank has withdrawn its financial support for the Israeli arms firm Elbit (which has factories in Britain). That is however only one small step. HSBC continues to do business with over a dozen companies selling military equipment and technology used in human rights violation, including Caterpillar (whose bulldozers are used in demolition of Palestinian homes and properties) and BAE Systems (whose weapons are used in war crimes by Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other repressive regimes). The campaign to end HSBC’s links with these companies continues. You can sign an online petition linked at the foot of this page.


It feels a long time ago that the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 2334 on 23 December 2016, declaring settlements on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem  to be a ‘flagrant violation under international law’. You can read the full text of the resolution HERE. But it remains a matter of record thanks to the United States abstaining rather than vetoing it.

However, it is business as usual when Israel’s settler-led government passes legislation that allows for legalisation of settlements built on stolen Palestinian-owned land and starts on further settlement activity. There is plenty of international condemnation but the United States gives a green light to further house demolitions and land-grabbing in East Jerusalem and all over the West Bank.


If you need any reminding of why racism has no place in sport, watch THIS TRAILER for the documentary ‘Forever Pure’ on the Israeli football club Beitar Jerusalem. It is a withering critique of a club that prides itself on having no Arab players. Even the signing (in 2012) of two players from Chechnya (who were Muslims) led to widespread protests. Just to make the point, the club recently renamed itself Beitar Trump Jerusalem!

Elsewhere in the footballing world, the Israeli FA has been under pressure to exclude six of its member clubs that are based in illegal settlements. See HERE for a detailed investigation by Human Rights Watch. A ruling from FIFA (the international federation) has let them off the hook but the issue remains live.

As Israeli football clubs take part in European competition, so the protests follow them. The biggest demonstrations have been at Celtic Park where demonstrators held Palestine flags aloft in defiance of UEFA officialdom (and later raised over £150,000 for Palestinian charities).

Celtic Park Aug 2016



Labour apologists for Israeli apartheid were well and truly caught out by THIS DOCUMENTARY made by Al-Jazeera. A six-month investigation in 2016 by an undercover reporter produced compelling footage of an Israeli embassy official openly discussing setting up pro-Israel groups and ‘taking down’ politicians up to and including a Government minister. Needless to say there were cries of outrage about the programmes but all the complaints made to Ofcom were dismissed. In fact the programme won a CINE award in the USA.

Then it was the turn of the Conservatives. The then Development Secretary Priti Patel visited Israel, spent much of her 2017 ‘holiday’ meeting several Israeli government officials and came back with plans to divert British aid money to help Israel’s war effort against Syria (by funding hospitals in the occupied Golan heights). Whoops, the story got out and she had to resign. Was she acting alone? She is now Home Secretary.

Al-Jazeera have since made an expose of the Israel lobby  in the USA. It was kept under wraps for some time but eventually leaked out and can be found on the website of the Electronic Intifada HERE.


Children in Military Custody

Call for an end to the mistreatment of Palestinian minors in Israeli military detention – a petition is HERE.

Recognise the state of Palestine

Call for the British Government to recognise the state of Palestine – the petition is HERE.

Stop (yet) another settlement on the West Bank

Save the village of Khan Al Ahmar from demolition – a standard letter that you can email is HERE.

End the siege of Gaza

Call to end the 13-year Israeli blockade of Gaza in thelight of the coronavirus crisis – the petition is HERE.

Stop Arming Israel

Call on the bank HSBC to stop funding the arms trade with Israel: a standard email is HERE.

International Criminal Court – rule now!

Last December investigators of the International Criminal Court concluded that there was a ‘reasonable basis to proceed’ on allegations of war crimes committed in Palestine, including the ongoing displacement of communities in the West Bank. The court has however been asked to ruile on whether it has jurisdiction. THIS PETITION asks for a prompt ruling on the matter.

Give Puma the Boot

Ask selected football clubs to break sponsorship ties with Puma as Puma sponsor Israel’s national football association. A standard email is HERE.