Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign was formed in 1982. It is an independent, non-government and non-party-political national organisation that exists to support the Palestinian people. It currently has over 5,000 members and has over 40 branches throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

Liverpool Friends of Palestine is affiliated to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. We support their activities and encourage all our members and supporters to join PSC as individual members.

PSC produces a wide range of publications and other merchandise. You may find particularly useful the series of Factsheets which cover the following topics:

  • Basic Facts (Jan 2019) – HERE   
  • Britain in Palestine – 100 years of intervention (Feb 2016)  –  HERE
  • The Nakba – Israel’s ‘war of independence’ and Palestine’s catastrophe (April 2017)  –  HERE  
  • Israel: Guilty of Apartheid (Oct 2018)  –  HERE
  • The colonisation and ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem (July 2012)  –  HERE  
  • Understanding Israel’s illegal settlements (2016)  –  HERE.
  • Palestine’s refugees and the Right of Return (May 2018)  –  HERE    
  • Boycott Divestment Sanctions (2014)  –  HERE   
  • Gaza Under Siege (Jan 2019)  –  HERE
  • Palestinian political prisoners (May 2017)  –  HERE   
  • Palestinian Children in Israeli Detention (June 2017)  –  HERE
  • The UK-Israel Arms Trade (Dec 2017) – HERE

Earlier factsheets no longer in print:

  • The Israeli annexation of the Jordan valley (2012)  –  HERE
  • Israel, Palestine and the environment (2012)  –  HERE
  • Palestine, Israel and the trade union movement (2012)  –  HERE 


PSC’s web address is The website includes a page you can use to apply for individual membership or affiliate a trade union branch. PSC also has an active twitter feed which is @PSCupdates.