Quiz answers

1.  In which year did the League of Nations grant Britain mandates to govern Iraq and Palestine?

               25 April 1920 (peace conference of San Remo)

2.  What currency was introduced in Palestine under the British mandate?

               The Palestine pound (valid till 1952) replaced the Turkish lira and the Egyptian pound from 1927

3.  What is the difference between Mecca Time and GMT?

               Three hours

4.  How many locks are there on the Suez canal?


5.  To the nearest mile, what is the shortest distance between the West Bank and the Gaza strip territories?

               Thirty-three km exactly, which is 20.5052 miles

6.  In which city is the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority on the West Bank?


7.  True or False: in 1997 the Palestinian Authority issued a postage stamp in honour of Pope John Paul II.


8. What is the name of Banksy’s hotel that stands next to the apartheid wall in Bethlehem?

            The Walled-off Hotel