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A lengthy documentary produced by Al-Jazeera, total running-time around 210 minutes. It charts the history of Zionism and the impact of ethnic cleansing on the Palestinians.

Part 1

Part 2

World War One through Arab Eyes

A three-part documentary produced by Al-Jazeera about the First World War and its impact on the Middle East. Each programme lasts for around 45 minutes. The link for all three parts is HERE.

Clash of the Worlds

Programme no.3 in this series (58 minutes) traces the history of Britain’s involvement in Palestine from 1917:

Israel- History and Facts

A hard-hitting 6-minute video

100 Balfour Road (2017)

A fictional English family are evicted from their home with flashbacks to the Balfour declaration of 1917. Running time 11 minutes.

Deir Yassin remembered

A 33-minute documentary about the massacre of 1948:


A short (3-minute) Al-Jazeera clip shows how in the Silwan area surrounding the Old City of East Jerusalem, Palestinians are being handed eviction notices on a daily basis.


Gaza: The Killing Zone

A hard-hitting Dispatches programme made as long ago as 2007 about Gaza:

OCHA/UNRWA Gaza Film January 2009

A powerful 6-minute clip filmed in the aftermath of the devastating 22 day long war in January 2009. 

Gerald Kaufman MP speech (2009) in the Commons on Gaza:

Remembering Rachel Corrie

Gaza- No Right to Life

Guardian video 11th July 2009: With the lack of medical services in Gaza, critically ill patients must travel into Israel for treatment. Many are asked to collaborate with Israeli intelligence services before they receive aid. It has been alleged that if they refuse to become informers they are refused medical treatment. Inigo Gilmore reports:

Rise in birth defects after Israeli war alarms Gazans


Israel’s apartheid policies – June 2014 (94 minutes)

Jeff Halper, director of Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions,reports on Israel’s policy of denying nearly all Palestinians permits to build homes and then demolishing houses they build for not having permits: Over 24,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished since 1967:


Defiendo mi tierra (Bil’in my love)

A 2006 documentary made by Shai Carmeli Pollak about the resistance of the people of Bil’in. The commentary and voice-overs are in Spanish. Running time 51 minutes: Watch HERE.


Palestine is Still the Issue

In 1977 the journalist John Pilger made a documentary. This 52-minute follow-up was made in 2015:

I know I’m not alone

Musician Michael Franti explores the human cost of war (85 minutes):

Nakba Day Rally held online by Palestine Solidarity Campaign on 15 May 2020. Running time 1 hour 45 minutes, watch it HERE.

Stopping annexation and ending occupation, an online meeting on 19 May 2020 held by CAABU (Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding) featuring Dr Hanan Ashrawi. Running time just over an hour, watch it HERE.

Palestinians in Israel: Between Dispossession and Discrimination, webinar hosted by Palestine Solidarity Campaign on 15 June 2020. Running time 1 hour 15 minutes, watch it HERE.

Israeli annexation – Precedents, Remifications and Resistance, webinar hosted by al-Shabaka on 16 June 2020. Running time 1 hour, watch it HERE.

Women Resist the Occupation, webinar hosted by Palestine Solidarity Campaign on 23 June 2020. Running time 71 minutes, watch it HERE.

And Still We Rise, online 2020 rally hosted by Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Running time 96 minutes, watch it HERE.

Britain’s Colonial Legacy in Palestine, webinar (72 minutes) hosted by Palestine Solidarity Campaign (26 August 2020), watch it HERE

House  of Commons debate on Israeli annexation plans and settlements (24 September 2020)watch it HERE, it begins at 15.14.