Produce of Palestine

Zaytoun is a community interest company. It was founded in 2004 to support the resilience and livelihoods of Palestinian farmers under occupation through fairly trading their olive oil. Initially funded by hundreds of customers who put up payment in advance of receiving their oil, Zaytoun quickly established itself as a UK social enterprise. With funding from Triodos Bank the company developed to offer a wide range of Palestinian artisan foods, and supported Palestinian farmers to pioneer the world’s first Fairtrade certified olive oil in 2009, sold through the UK market.

We promote Zaytoun products as part of our solidarity with the people of Palestine. It should be borne in mind that all these products are grown and made in areas under military occupation. In particular Palestinian olive trees are regularly chopped and burned and olive-picking parties are attacked by Israeli settlers.


Dates are one of the world’s oldest cultivated fruits and thrive in Palestine on the fertile soils around the ancient city of Jericho. Medjoul dates are known as the ‘King of Dates’ due to their size and rich caramel succulence. These dates are high in fibre and potassium, with a natural sweetness that makes them a delicious treat any time of the day.
Sizes normally available 250g, 500g and sometimes a 5kg box



Olive oil

Produced from rain-fed and hand-picked olives that have been pressed on the day of picking, this award-winning extra virgin oil connects you with farmers whose ancestors have tended their trees by hand for countless generations. Naturally organic and ethically sourced from small-scale farmers in the West bank, this is the world’s first olive oil to be awarded Fairtrade certification in 2009.

Sizes normally available: 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, all in glass bottles



Zaytoun’s soap contains 72% olive oil which is sourced from Palestinian olive farmers in the Nablus region.  The ancient city of Nablus has been producing soap since the 10th Century. The soap is made and cut by hand in soap houses by skilled craftsmen.It is naturally cleansing & suitable for all skin types including oily skin. The most distinctive fragrances are lemon and sage.

Available as individual tablets or in gift-packs of four tablets


Za’atar is an aromatic herb mix produced from an indigenous variety of thyme that can be used as a dip, topping or seasoning. The thyme is mixed by hand with sea salt, toasted sesame and sumac.It is traditionally eaten with olive oil and freshly-baked bread, or used to season meat, fish, or roasted vegetables.

Size normally available: 80g


These Fairtrade Palestinian almonds are named after Om al-Fahem, the ancient village where this large, crunchy variety originated.

Picked and shelled by hand, they are harvested in late summer and dried in the sun.

Size normally available: 150g



Maftoul (meaning “hand-rolled”) is a traditional Palestinian grain made from bulgur and whole wheat flour. Women prepare it today just as their grandmothers have always done, working together to crack, hand-roll and dry the organic wheat in the sun. Its firm texture and nutty flavour make it a delicious alternative to other grains.

Size normally available: 200g



Freekeh is durum wheat that is harvested while still green and roasted on an open fire. It is then rubbed (fareek) to remove the husk and reveal an aromatic grain packed with protein and fibre. Rich in flavour and texture, it’s easy to use in dishes such as pilaf, risotto and salad. Traditionally freekeh is slowly simmered in stock for a nourishing soup.

Size normally available: 200g